Letter from Patty and Terry, January 3, 2017

Dear Friends and Family,
I hope this letter finds all of Paula’s friends and family around the world enjoying a wonderful start to the New Year. It is such a time of promise and renewal, a time that certainly inspires all of us to chart a productive course and get going! That was Paula’s plan in Afghanistan. She loved Afghanistan and worked with joyful diligence to stir change for the people there. While her death eight years ago this month ended Paula’s personal involvement in her life’s work, Paula’s desire to make meaningful change in the world continues today through the generosity and support of those she touched along her life’s journey. Thank you for being one of those special people. Paula’s life work radiates through the Paula Loyd Foundation, and you have played a pivotal role her important mission.

Like many nonprofit organizations, the Paula Loyd Foundation has studied ways it can maximize impact in a changing world. The foundation has been successful in supporting the education of several Afghan women studying at the American University in Afghanistan, in Kabul, during the past two years. We are proud to have helped make a positive impact on the education of several young women who show great promise as the next generation of leaders in Afghanistan. But this has not come without a few setbacks. As many of you know, the university is not immune to the violence in this area of the world, and recent attacks and abductions there slowed the pace of our scholars. The continued upheaval in Afghanistan has given us pause for thought. Can we, as a foundation, better leverage Paula’s mission and support by joining forces with larger, more ingrained groups that have deeper resources? Can the Paula Loyd Foundation achieve more through affiliations with other organizations? These are some of the concepts foundation board leaders mull, and we invite your thoughts on the matter.

Paula’s last wishes to her friends and family, which went into effect at her passing eight years ago this month, were to establish a fund to support the education of girls from the poorest social environments of Afghanistan to attend her alma mater, Wellesley College. Today, this is the Foundation’s mission: The Paula Loyd Foundation’s mission is to empower Afghan women through education and develop leaders and thinkers committed to serving Afghanistan. By supporting the education of these prospective future leaders at the American University in Afghanistan and at Wellesley College, the Foundation is implementing the vision and passion of Paula Loyd, a fearless and courageous fighter for those in need.

As you consider your resolutions for 2017, we invite you to continue your support of the Paula Loyd Foundation. A PayPal link can be found on the foundation’s website, PaulaLoydFoundation.org. We also ask for your thoughtful support as we consider new ways this year to maintain, grow and increase Paula’s peacemaking touch in Afghanistan. Thank you!

Much love,
Patty, Terry and the Board of Directors
Paula Loyd Foundation


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