June 29, 2016 Letter from Patty and Terry and the Paula Loyd Foundation Board of Directors

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know,  June 9th is Paula’s birthday, and I always want to be in touch with you all at that time.  However, this year, there was a wonderful celebration put on in Washington D.C. by the Friends of American University in Afghanistan on June 10, and I and one of the Board of Directors of Paula’s Foundation – Susana Hill – were privileged to be able to attend, and I wanted to be able to share with you the results of that meeting.  The School was celebrating 10 years of operation in Kabul, and wanted to honor those who have, and are, helping it to be so successful, and the wonderful graduates who are contributing to the advancement of education in Afghanistan.  The young lady to whom you all contributed so generously through Paula’s Foundation and put through school there, Homa Usmany, has become the first woman Lawyer in Kandahar, and I am proud to say, there was a lot of mention of that fact all evening.  Stanford University is helping and directing the Law Program that has been set up.  Many warm and appreciative “Thank you’s” to all of you who have contributed so generously so that we could make this sort of impact in Paula’s name!!  Homa’s sister will be in her third year there this Fall, so that is also exciting.  And we ourselves are very stimulated at finding our next candidate to help make Paula’s name even more widely known, and accomplishing her goals.

Also recognized, among others, was Ambassador Zalmay Khalizhad, who had signed a certificate of appreciation for Paula’s work and accomplishments in Afghanistan, and gave it to her while she was working there; USAID – who contribute to the operation of the school and new buildings and programs,  the Friends of the University, located in Washington,D.C. and headed by Leslie Sweitzer and Kat Conlon, along with a very supportive group of people – Afghan and American.

I can only say that it was a very positive and energizing experience, because, as you all know, sometimes when we only have the news media determining our outlook, it looks pretty grim.  It has been especially so for me, as I had my heart set on attending this particular graduation, and was recommended from the highest departments, not to go because of the security situation.

It is wonderful to be able to be on the front lines of participation, and be able to see a huge change in a country and peoples attitudes, as females are being educated and moving into areas where they were not allowed before, and accomplishing many wonderful goals. I ask you for your support in continuing this exciting momentum. Without you, Paula’s friends and family, the Foundation would not be stirring such important change in our world. To donate, please visit www.paulaloydfoundation.org.

With much love to all of you – Paula’s loyal friends,

Patty, Terry and the Board of Directors of the Paula Loyd Foundation

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