From Patty and Terry on November 4, 2015, 7th Anniversary of Paula’s Attack

Dear Friends and Family of Paula,
You all are in my thoughts so much today, as this is the seventh anniversary of the horrible November 4th when that misguided person threw fuel on Paula and set her on fire!!  It is difficult not to dwell on the horror of that act and the pain she suffered, but, knowing Paula, she would want us to be dwelling on the  good things that have happened in the aftermath of that act!!
Because of her thinking ahead, just in case something like this should happen to her, she made provision for us all, as a group, to be a potent antidote to the way women are looked down on, and held back from being educated, and assuming their rightful place as decision makers in their societies and communities.
The young women that you have helped us to educate, and the ones you are continuing to help us educate, are all deeply appreciative of Paula’s sacrifice for them, and are determined to continue this work.
Once again, Terry and I, and the Board of Directors of the Paula Loyd Foundation want to express our thanks to you for following through on the task Paula asked us to do.  So, while we don’t want to dwell on her pain and suffering, neither do we want to forget how and why it happened, and what we can do in her memory to show we haven’t forgotten her sacrifice, and what she went through!! Each one of the women and girls we are able to help with their education is a striking,  living monument to her memory!!
With much love and appreciation,
Patty, Terry and the Board of Directors of the Paula Loyd Foundation
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