From Patty and Terry October 21, 2015

Dear Friends and Family of Paula,
The Paula Loyd Foundation is now on Facebook! Please visit our page here to see what we’re up to, and please like our page to help us spread the word about the Foundation. You now also have the ability to donate through PayPal, either on Facebook or on our updated website. We hope these new donation venues will make your gifts to the Foundation easier, more efficient and, with your consideration, more frequent! With two very promising candidates in line to receive educational support at the American University in Kabul, the Paula Loyd Foundation is poised to fulfill  Paula’s mission. Your financial support at this stage is critical.
Let me take you back to the genesis of our excitement. We have had some really inspiring experiences since we last wrote!  I last mentioned to you that Terry and I would be going to Dallas to meet personally with Homa, the young lady the Foundation has supported at the American University in Kabul for the last four years. It was wonderful!    A picture from our meeting is below. Also, we are including a picture of her with our good friend and Afghan Cultural Advisor – Parnian Nazary, which was taken in 2011 when Homa first started school at the American University in Kabul.  Homa has the drive and ambition, and now the education, to really make a difference in Afghanistan. Her sister, Hosnia, has similar objectives. These two vibrant and smart young women represent a new future for the Foundation  — and most importantly, for Afghanistan. And as such, we have committed to support their educations at the American University in Kabul until they graduate.
Let me back up a step further by telling you we have honed our application process and qualifications for young women seeking support from the Foundation. We are now concentrating specifically on the Kandahar, or southern, area of the country for candidates. We are doing this for two reasons: first, Paula requested that we look there for applicants, as there are fewer opportunities for girls to go to school in that area; and two, the Canadians set up a very good school in that area, so there are girls who were able to start their education and have parents who want their daughters to obtain more education.  This was the case with Homa and Hosnia.
Let me close with a return to the here and now: we have identified two incredible young women who have the ability and determination to fulfill Paula’s mission. We need your help to get them through the most important experience in their life — their education. It is with much appreciation and love to all of you — those who loved and admired Paula — who make this venture possible. It is such a pleasure to be doing this work, and we appreciate Paula giving us the opportunity to help these women and girls have a chance to do things they never would have been able to accomplish without her ideals.
With love,
Patty, Terry and the board of directors of the Paula Loyd Foundation

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