From Patty and Terry: January 7, 2015

Volunteer opportunities page pictureDear Friends and Family,
Happy New Year to all of you!!  I apologize for being out of touch for so long, but we have been taking some time to “regroup” during the past year.  We have been assessing ways we can improve the Foundation’s efficiency, make the best use of your contributions, and honor Paula in a way that best reflects her life mission and final wishes.
Paula wanted great things for the young women of Afghanistan!! She envisioned a Wellesley College experience for Afghanistan’s rising female leaders, confident in the global change and perspective such an education stirs in young women (much as it did for Paula!)  Paula’s desire to share this extraordinary academic opportunity with Afghan girls has not come without challenges.  Finding an Afghan girl who can qualify for Wellesley College is an extremely difficult task.
As such, Foundation leaders are considering a change to our approach.
We have several areas of focus:  changing the college Paula requested to a more accessible school;  working with the American University of Afghanistan, where Terry and I are helping two girls from Kandahar, the area Paula worked in the most, and where she was attacked,  or assisting Afghan girls already admitted to Wellesley.  Our ideas continue to evolve, and we will keep you informed of our progress in 2015.
Until then, please know how much we appreciate your support of Paula and her vision.  Honoring someone of her caliber is humbling work:  She lived her life on such a meaningful, grand scale, and did so always with the best interest of other as her focus.  Thank you for believing in Paula and her foundation, and enjoy this precious new beginning of another year together.
With much love and great appreciation for each and every one of you!!
Patty and Terry

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